Welcome new companions!

Jokercoin (JOKER) is the core token of Joker’s movement. JOKER is cryptocurrency build on Binance Smart Chain by doxxed team which was established by fusing lottery games development studio, cryptocurrency development team and few freelancers. The team is here with big ambitions and is ready to show whole world that cryptocurrency can be part of your life and usefull tool and not just a tool for speculative investing.

1st Adult Coin


In the world of control and observation by the government, banks (and maybe your wife as well), keeping an anonymous profile of your interactions and hobbies is needed more than ever and with Jokercoin you will be able to obtain that. Jokercoin is not a meme coin, it is way ahead from this sort of cryptocurrency, which is made only to gain money from people and doesn’t bring anything useful to its holders.

JOKER is the first cryptocurrency adult coin, that will let you enjoy your favourite stuff without any traceable history – thanks to Jokercoin, all your transaction associated with girls, Cannabis, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, nightlife, and many other products and activities will be safe from judgement by others. We will guarantee efficiency and perfect usage in an everyday life. Joker will provide transactions with approved partners, that do business with industries mentioned above with minimal transaction fee without any traceable history.

Live freely, use Joker!


The vision is:

Will you download any app which offers you barber services with location, prices, etc.? We asked few barber sites operators, and the answer is NO! Why? Downloading single app just because of barbers doesn’t make sense to the most of users. But if JOKER unites everything under one JOKERAPP, where you can find barbers, tattoo salons, massages, alcohol groceries, gun shop, play online lottery games, watch webcams, bet on your favourite sport plus much more and get for using every single piece of JOKERAPP experiences, ranks and achievements so you can compete with your friends who the bigger player is… will you download it? THE ANSWER IS YES!

Your real life as a game

The project aims to be the first social network connected to real services based on cryptocurrency JOKER. The development team has many experiences with developing many types of games and all of Jokers staff are also gamers. The thing that is missing here is online platform which connects living real life to a game. Do you like achievements, badges, leveling your character and getting better stuff, better prices and becoming someone special? In many games this is the main prior. Why not to connect real world to online interface where your character is the real you and you getting experiences, bonus offers and much more profits from living the real life connected to JOKERAPP? This is the revolutionary idea and Jokers staff is here to deliver it to you.

How exactly it will work

Jokerapp will work as middleman for transactions between companies and consumers. By companies we mean partners that accept Jokercoin for their goods or services. They can do so only if they are producers or service providers from segments that we like to call as an “adult lifestyle”. Consumers then represent someone from Jokercoin´s community using Jokerapp and its services.

What will make this app unique?

Jokerapp will be so special because of its concept which is one of a kind on the whole market. It connects the demand of companies for promotion, bigger brand awareness etc. with demand of consumers for shopping their favourite goods and services even cheaper than the retail prices. Jokerapp will take only negligible fees for mediating these favourable conditions. That will create a triumph situation where all companies, Jokerapp and consumers are fully satisfied with the outcome.

How does the concept work?

The core of this concept lies in the perfect combination of demand from both companies and consumers. Companies primarily want to gain new customers and increase their turnover and consumers want to buy their favourite goods and services cheaper. Companies will be able to become part of the Jokerapp and utilize its benefits for free! However, they will have to provide something else and that is sales for Jokerapp customers. Consumers will therefore be able to purchase goods and services cheaper than the original price based on how many coins they own! Consumers will simply connect their wallet with Jokerapp and can utilize their benefits based on amount of Jokercoins held in their account. Bigger the amount, bigger the sales and benefits across the whole Jokerapp. Even though Jokerapp will be mostly about Jokercoins, you will still have the right to pay with any other payment method. Jokerapp users will also be allowed to participate in giveaways, contests and airdrops. You can apply the same rule here, bigger the amount of the coins held in your wallet, bigger the chance to win.

So, what are all the benefits of Jokerapp?

For companies it is

  • Source of new customers.
  • Prestige of being part of Jokerapp.
  • Split part of earnings into crypto.
  • Access to valuable information through Jokerapp´s statistics etc.
  • Free promotion as a part of Jokerapp, Jokercoin and Jokerbank marketing activities.
For consumers it is:

  • Favourite stuff at one place.
  • Option of anonymized payments.
  • Sales on every product and service.
  • Participation on giveaways, contests, and many other benefits.
  • Premium benefits for VIP clients like golden cards usable across our partners.

The benefits for both companies and consumers are only limited by our fantasy. As soon as Jokerapp is launched we can assure you we will be able to offer much more than it is mentioned above!

What will Jokerapp bring to Jokercoin?

If you hold or planning to hold Jokercoins, Jokerapp launch might be your chance for even x1000. Based on the unique concept implemented in the whole system, users will try to gather as many coins as possible to get the biggest sales and benefits across the platform. The sale categories will be set for number of coins, and it will be hard to reach the top ones. However, people that spend tons of money on gambling, nightlife, tobaccos etc. will be willing to pay some serious money to get the best benefit possible. The fact that reaching the top sale category will be tough but very beneficial will create a kind of prestige and huge demand connected to it. You might already realize what all of this can cause with the price of Jokercoin. Just imagine thousands of people trying to get as many coins as possible to get more and more benefits across Jokerapp.

Lottery games

As was said, Jokers games are going to be a huge boom! There is maximum focus on our own designs and algorithms which allows Joker to produce games you have never seen before. Right now, there is one game almost done, which you can already try! Don’t be shy, the single player demo verse is for free, with no charge needed! But if you want to play against real players, you will always need to charge USDT (now), in the future Jokercoins. Joker is finishing another game, which is currently under the testing, but we can reveal that it´s going to be another card player vs player game.  


JOKERs first game. Like other games which are upcoming, the game is designed to keep money in its community, so there is no playing against casino algorithms. There are NO FEES on buy-ins or withdrawals. The ONLY FEE there is 1% from EVERY WIN.
0,4% of fee goes to keep Joker servers running and to maintain every single game.
0,6% of fee goes to JACKPOTS, which are also one of a kind. Jackpots are redistributed to players based on some conditions listed in every game.


Player A bets 50$
Player B bets 50$
Total pot: 100$
If player A wins, then he will win 99$.
0,4$ will go to maintain servers, events, upgrades etc.
0,6$ will jackpots.

Is it fair enough? Joker thinks so!

Did you ever hear about RTP? RTP means RETURN TO PLAYER and for example slots have usual RTP from 70% to 97%. JokerBank is still on 99,6% RTP - you do the math!


Jokerplate is the second upcoming game from our workshop. It will be also based on cards and peer-to-peer system where individual players bets against each other. You can already check out this short trailer! ( LINK…………) You can expect the launch of the Jokerplate beta version this year. Jokerbank and Jokerplate aren´t any old, copied games. Joker does all the things its own way and brings its community fresh and specific experience from playing these games!

More games

Ideas is something we are not missing. You can expect many other games and entertaining stuff in near future. Join our socials and roadmap to make sure you don´t miss anything.


Joker would like to get into e-betting section as well over the time. We have certain plans and ideas in this section but now we don´t want to promise when and how. However, you can be 100% sure that as soon as we get into e-betting section, you will witness something special! Joker’s goal is not being just another bet portal, his goal is to make his own unconventional events to be different from common boring bet portals.

Joker cam

As the team has experiences with building webcam portal, one goal of JOKER is to conquer the world of webcams. Usually on webcam servers you are forced to buy tokens to be able to pay girls, but those tokens don’t have any other usage. With JOKERs in your JOKERAPP you will be able to simply pay to girls with JOKERs you own on your wallet. No need to buy another token. With JOKERs in your JOKERAPP people will be able to pay for all of their favourite stuff by few clicks with zero transfers outside the app.

Joker’s NFT market

JOKER is a huge universe where is a big space for NFT. Why not upgrade your JOKERAPP profile with special NFT frame? For the real players, we will offer NFTs which will make their JOKERAPP profile look unique and astonishing. That means you will be able to buy and sell unique frames, profile pics (if you don’t want to upload your real profile pic) and theme pics as NFT on JOKERs NFT market. Another NFTs will appear in JOKERs games. You will be able to buy special skins for cards, dices and many more. There will be also space for special animations which will be shown to other players when you for example win or lose the game. Other important thing to keep in mind is that every deployed NFT will have its original appearance which comes with rarity or serial number. The value of each NFT will be defined by the market but obviously higher the rarity, higher the demand. Are you looking forward to owning your own piece of Joker?

Connecting JOKERAPP to local business

On the other hand, developing lottery-based games and webcams isn´t the only focus of JOKER. Already there are some companies associated with Joker as its partners, but the aim is to get as many of them as possible. For this reason, 9,06% of our total supply is dedicated to our upcoming online and offline partners. Joker´s efforts start in central Europe, but it doesn´t mean that´s it! The first goal is to conquer all relative segments in central Europe where the team has already many connections. In later stages, JOKER will start to build his cells and offices in rest of Europe to conquer markets of rest countries. Once Europe is established, JOKER will focus on USA where other offices will be built to help JOKER grow on local markets. JOKER is here to become something like Facebook based on cryptocurrency and with support of specific lifestyle. Can you imagine uniting all the Joker´s lifestyle niches under one app? Joker does! The app will also have features like ratings, rankings, achievements, and many more, which you will get to know later. Plans are huge and Joker won´t stop, until the whole movement is established. It is real. It is here. The movement is starting right now! Enjoy the ride.

Individual segments

JOKER is the first cryptocurrency adult coin, that will let you enjoy your favourite stuff without any traceable history – thanks to JOKERAPP, where all services will be united, all your transaction associated with girls, cannabis, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, nightlife, and many other products and activities will be safe from judgement by others. We will guarantee efficiency and perfect usage in an everyday life. JOKER will provide transactions with approved partners, that do business with industries mentioned above with minimal transaction fee without any traceable history.


We want to make a Joker a part of your life and your free time. Why wouldn’t you bring it to the real world with your top-quality JOKER branded products, that could ease and customize your life into more of JOKER filled - with great quality clothes, handy electronical gadgets, premium selection of products produced by our offline partners and likeable JOKER merchandise? This store was one of our first ideas behind the coin and no, it’s not Just to obtain more, but to truly boost your community sparkle for JOKER and to introduce you to a better world, that offers payments with the Jokercoin, our own developed cryptocurrency, our own and the best selection of partners, products, and designs.


Technologic / Business

Q3 2021

  • Web
  • Launch JOKERBANK beta
  • JokerCoin pre-sale
  • JokerCoin fair launch Pancakeswap
  • TBA colaborations
  • Presenting preview of new game JOKERPLATE
  • First marketing campaigns
  • Establishment of all social networks
  • Listing CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Q4 2021

  • Full version of JOKERBANK
  • Beta version of JOKERPLATE
  • TBA new collaborations
  • Huge JOKERCOIN and JOKERBANK marketing campaign
  • Influencer marketing
  • First DEX
  • JOKER NFT and MERCH SHOP launch
  • JOKER Xmas giveaway

Q1 2022

  • Presenting of solution how to implement payments with JOKER in offline services via JOKERAPP
  • First preview of JOKERAPP and its full features 
  • TBA collaborations
  • Full version of JOKERPLATE

Q2 2022

  • beta version of JOKERAPP
  • presentation of JokerCam concept (how it will work, implementation, collaboration with other webcam providers…)
  • First implementations of partners into JOKERAPP
  • Huge local marketing to support JOKERAPPs growing and potential
  • Preview of 3rd games concept and vision

Q3 2022

  • Beta version of JokerCam 
  • First payments via JOKERs in JOKERAPP
  • Jokercoin’s first year celebration - megalomaniac giveaway
  • Anniversary audit – recapitulation of whole year, financial audit and public announcement with results and information where is JOKER heading
  • Marketing campaigns targeting rest of Europe to help JOKERAPP conquer whole Europe (normal on-line marketing will go globally non-stop!)
  • Beta version of 3rd game

Q4 2022

  • Full working JOKERCAM
  • Collaborations with other Webcam providers to offer them paying via JOKER
  • Announcement of 4th game
  • Pornstar influencer marketing


Coins distribution

Private presale:


Public presale:

22,5 %

Pancakeswap liquidity:



30% (will be burnt after the fair launch)


9,06% (kept for collaborations with big influencers)


5% (before the presale)


5% (to finance jokercoin development)


4% (locked for one year)

Coin features

Jokercoin offers a combination of the most attractive features at once. The fees are set differently based on if you buy or sell (selling is not recommended). The fees go into liquidity pool, burn, marketing wallet and holders’ redistribution as most of you might be used to. The percentages of the fees are set to make the whole functionality the best possible but the feature that makes our coin so great is the lottery! It´s one of a kind lottery feature on the whole crypto market. Every buy transaction has a 21,25% chance of winning some amount of Jokercoins. The amount is based on which of the 5 lottery pools you were lucky to hit. The whole lottery system is fully described below. We thought on every single aspect, so we have an anti-whale and antibot systems as well.

Our awesome lottery pool!

Jokercoin´s lottery pool was designed by our developers, and it is one of its kind on the whole crypto market! You can simply win anytime you buy Jokercoin. We divided the 7% lottery fee into 5 lottery pools, so more than every 5th transaction there is a guaranteed win. Also, there is set of minimum transaction amount to 10$ as a condition to compete in the lottery to prevent from minimal transactions in a size of cents that would devaluate the whole system. The lottery pools:


Rewards buyer every 7th buy transaction, 3% of each of the previous 6 transactions will go to the initiator of the 7th successful transaction.


Rewards buyers every 47th buy transaction, 1% of each of the previous 16 will go to the initiator of the 47th successful transaction.


Rewards buyers every 127th buy transaction, 1% of each previous 126 will go to the initiator of the 127th successful transaction.


rewards buyers every 547th buy transaction, 1% of each previous 546 transactions will go to the initiator of the 547th successful transaction.


rewards buyers every 1027th transaction, 1% of each previous 1026 will go to the initiator of the 1027th successful transaction.

Chances to hit the lottery:

JACK - 14,3%  |   QUEEN - 2.1%  |   KING - 0.8%  |   ACE - 0,18%  |   JOKER - 0.1%

Totally it makes 21,25 % for each buy transaction to win the lottery and that is HUGE!


JOKER is deflationary coin which means, that total supply is decreasing with every sell transaction. That will affect the price of JOKER going up. During first month, the developers will burn 30% of total supply to increase value of tokens for early comers.


JOKER wants to reward its holders not just for buying, but also for holding and believing in JOKER. Every holder will be rewarded with JOKERs from every sell transaction fee.

Automatic liquidity pool locked for 5 years

There is small amount from every transaction going to liquidity pool to make JOKER more stable. The liquidity pool will be locked for 5 years, so there is no stress about rug pull.

Anti-whale system

Anti-whale system is a function written in source code that makes impossible to sell more than 0,2% of the total supply. The purpose of this function is to avoid whale dumps and rise and repeats.


As most of you might know as soon as you put initial liquidity the coin will become tradeable. Bots are used for buying the coins at the very beginning, so they get it for the best price and sell it few minutes after for quick profits. As we are very aware of that we have developed a system that will detect these bots and put them on a blacklist which will forbid them to sell or trade the coins.

Later solution for using JOKER in JOKERAPP

Changing contract functions (fees etc.) will be locked for one year. After year developers with help of community the way how to bring solid cryptocurrency with minimal fees to be useful for JOKERAPP. One solution is changing fees of JOKER to zero, or 1%, another option is to make FORK and airdrop to every holder new coin for JOKERAPP, so the „old“ JOKER will remain same. This is question for future, but developers promise you to find out the smoothest solution.

Coin fees

As many other coins are offering you simply X % fee, because they don´t make difference between buy and sell fee, Joker does it by its own way. The fee on every transfer is worth total of 12%, but the structure of the fees is different on buy and sell.

Buy fee


lottery pool


liquidity pool


marketing/giveaway wallet

Sell fee


holders’ redistribution


liquidity pool






Many of you are surely wondering who stands behind this project with huge roadmap and visions. Firstly, let’s say Joker hopes that his team is going to grow from month to month, but at this moment, Joker can count with 16 people who are taking this as a fulltime job. Forget story about two young friends who made meme coin with no value, technology and vision and who tried to dump their „super“ coin.


Core of Jokers team counts eleven people. Those people are working together under one company for more than fifteen years. Their team contains 2D graphics, 3D graphics, algorithms specialists, server specialists, database specialists etc. Shortly – everything needed to work every day on new features, upgrades and games which is Joker going to offer. Even if Joker appreciates young people with drive and ambitions, in this case it means no amateurs, but people with high-class skills and experiences. This allows Joker to focus on unstoppable development with no doubts that the team will fail.

Cryptocurrency division

Did we talk about Joker coin, ay? Actually, there is team of two experienced people with cryptocurrency who are taking care of making JOKER a serious coin. That means setting the right tokenomics and in future helping with implementing Joker to other online platforms as a payment method. We cannot promise you Jokers own blockchain but… uhm… don´t think Joker hasn´t thought about that! But for now, there are many plans which has higher priority, but as you may already know, Joker is progressive movement, and we believe that nothing is impossible! Let’s see what news will be announced next.

Online / Offline marketing division

Now, there are two people working for Joker’s marketing. By marketing we don´t mean just silly buying of billboard spots and wasting money for useless campaigns. Of course, everybody wants a little bit of fun, so there are few crazy things to come, don´t worry! Nice example could be collaboration with some beautiful pornstar, but this may be only the beginning. By marketing is mostly meaned consistent work on growing the Joker valuation and community. Marketing by Jokers opinion means these activities: Offline marketing Offline marketing is very important. Joker believes it´s not only paying campaigns online to succeed. Do you remember roadmap guys? To conquer lifestyle sectors which were listed above, Joker needs talented marketers who aren´t shy of making agreements offline face-to-face. Joker wants to have impact on real life, and this is one of ways which are needs to be 100% handled. Online marketing Online marketing means investing money from „Marketing wallet“ the right way. What is right way? By right way is meaned investing every Jokercoin properly to achieve maximum effectivity. This needs know-how and guess what? Jokers team already has some and isn´t scared to learn more and do maximum to success. Joker will come with his own content, events, campaigns, adverts, and active approach to community. Are two guys for that enough? Not! Joker is already hiring chat moderators, new marketer specialists etc., but the core is stable and working. Of course, the marketing team will grow, but there are no doubts these two guys can´t handle it.


If you did the right math… there is still one member missing. Is it the Joker by himself? Who knows! The last member is CEO. CEO is there to coordinate function of all divisions and to make things and work go smoothly with fun and no scars. CEO guarantees you that project knows the direction where we are moving. CEO guarantees you that your Jokercoins are going to raise on its value. CEO is there to guarantee you that plans will go as promised and everybody in team knows what his mission is and everybody is focusing on our community goal and it is Jokers flag raised in every capital city of every country.

Is something missing?

It is important to realise, that even if Joker is a high form of life, his will is being mediated by normal humans. We as a team guarantee you that we are going to do the best steps and choices to move Joker where he belongs – to the top of cryptocurrencies. Joker is mind opened to every daring idea and opinion, so do not hesitate to contact us on in case you have any good idea. We are only in the start now and everything is in our hands. It will not be easy path, but we believe, that even through many obstacles we can make it and your confidence and support will only strengthen us and will help us to put more gas into this enormous project. JOKER is not just a cryptocurrency. Joker is not just about developers. It is about all of us. Join us and help us grow!